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Basic Rules of Baccarat

When you sit down to play baccarat, you usually mean the same thing as punto banco. Punto means player and banco means bank. These represent two different hands but you as a player are not forced to play on the hand called punto. Baccarat is a game where you bet on which hand will win, and unlike blackjack, you do not have your own hand.

The game begins with choosing whether to bet on the bank, the player or on a draw. You often use several decks of cards in a baccarat round, sometimes 6 but most often is 8. After all bets have been placed, the croupier draws two cards to the player and two cards to the hand that is the banker's. The principle here is to get as close to 9 as possible with two or three cards. The difference with blackjack, however, is that you cannot end up with the result and thus get fat. The points for a hand are counted by adding the values? Of the cards. Aces are worth one, all face up cards and ten are worth zero while all cards with denominations have their own value. If a hand consists of, for example, a king and four, the value of the hand ends up at four.

If the hand is seven and ace, the value becomes eight. If the total value ends up above nine, only the singular and not the decimal count. That is, if a hand consists of two sevens equal to 14, only four will be counted as the value of the hand. It is therefore not possible to get over nine how many cards you are drawing. If neither hand lands on eight or nine with these first two cards, the online casinos game round continues with a third card draw. However, the rules for drawing a third card differ from punto and banco.

If punto ends up at 0-5, this hand gets a third card. If the punto ends up at 6 or 7, it stops. It is only after the punto has pulled his whole hand, or stopped, that the banco can act and this depends on what the punto has done. If punto stayed at 6 or 7, banco acts according to the same rules as for punto, thus draws a third card if the banco has a result between 0-5. The difference between the two hands occurs, however, if the punto has had to draw a third card, and then the rules become a little more complicated for the hand that is banco. Depending on the value of the third card in punto's hand, and the amount that banco already has, this hand may need to draw a third card as well.

The intricate rules are usually set out in a list:

If punto draws 2 or 3 and banco is 0-4, the bank draws another card.

If punto draws 4 or 5 and banco is 0-5, the bank draws another card.

If punto draws 6 or 7 and banco is 0-6, the bank draws another card.

If punto draws an 8 and banco is 0-2, the bank draws another card.

If the punto draws a 9, ace, ten or a face card and the banco is 0-3, the bank draws another card.

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